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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

You would like to maintain a healthier lifestyle, to have a more balanced diet and a better physical shape, but your hectic schedule and regular travels stand in the way. If you are in this predicament yourself, we have news for you: it is possible to stay healthy, fit and happy while traveling.


Avoid the unhealthy plane snacks

Just because the airline you are traveling with serves a meal during the flight, it does not mean you have to indulge yourself with some congealed food just out of the microwave. If you have this option, go for a fruit only meal, and if not, bring your own healthy snacks. Airport security rules forbid passengers from bringing in liquids, but you can always have in your bag a banana, an apple and even a sandwich. You can also buy something healthy once you passed the security check.


Start your day with a healthy breakfast

Many hotels include smoothies, freshly squeezed juice, sliced fruit, yoghurt and cereals in their breakfast offerings. No matter how tempting the croissants, pies and omelets may seem, you’d better start your day with a healthy breakfast and get the energy you need for all that long list of things you want to do.


Stay away from fast food restaurants

McDonalds and the like may seem like the best dining option for budget travelers, but it is not the only one. Even if you cannot afford to go to expensive restaurants, you still enjoy a fresh local dish. Not only will you get to know the local cuisine, but you will have a healthier meal than in a fast food restaurant.


Don’t overeat!

When on holiday, some people tend to overeat either because they fall in love with the local cuisine, or simply because enjoy eating and think dietary rules can be ignored during vacations. Avoid making this mistake, especially if you suffer from a health condition than an out of the ordinary diet can help deteriorate.


Get your shots!

Before embarking on your new adventure, get informed on the recommended vaccines. Make your due diligence and you will not regret it!


Keep fit while sightseeing

If holidays spent by the pool are your dream, you cannot complain this ruins your activity routine. Traveling is about seeing new places, exploring the world and learning new things, and all this can be done in an active way. Instead of getting on the hop on hop off tour bus, how about getting on a bike to explore the city? There are plenty of organized bike tours in all major tourist destinations. Moreover, the number of green cities offering bike rental programs for very low prices or even for free is constantly increasing.


Join the local sport events

If you want to stay healthy and fit while traveling, you should take any opportunity to practice your favorite sport. Upon reaching your destination, check out the sport events calendar of the local community. This will not only help you stay in shape, but also meet new people in a convivial and fun way.


Rest and sleep

When at their destination, many travelers feel on the clock, running like crazy from one landmark to another, and trying to squeeze in as many activities as possible. Nobody says you shouldn’t explore your destination thoroughly, but vacation is also about having a good time, unwinding, enjoying yourself. Moreover, you should leave something for next time, and not beat yourself up to turn every single stone in the city you are visiting. Get some rest as well! After all, you are on holiday. Attend a party and try to have some fun! On the other hand, do not go overboard with the alcohol consumption. Hangovers are not fun and can spoil your entire day.


Hit the gym!

If your regular weekly schedule includes attending the gym once or twice, don’t break this routine and work out even when you are away. Many hotels have their own fitness centers, but there are also places in town you can go to. If you don’t want to spend money on this, do some basic exercises in your own room or go jogging.