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Smart Travel Tips for Successful Cruises

Rushing towards the embarking port, watching your clock every 2 minutes afraid you will miss it, finally getting on the ship, eating the same food for a few days, crowding around the pool and socializing with thousands of new best friends... Here is a scenario many cruisers will depict! However, there are ways of making your cruise a pleasant experience and turn it into an unforgettable holiday.


Picking the right cruise liner

They all cruise the seas, but not all cruise liners are created equal. The time invested in researching the ship’s amenities will prove its value during your journey. If you are looking for a special type of cruise, you should know that many cruise lines offer themed trips for singles, romantic couples, music lovers, families with kids, and so on. Do your research properly as you don’t want to spend your 10 years wedding anniversary on a ship filled with kids, or among singles looking for a casual partner.


Choosing the right time for it

If you are not under any time restrictions, it is best to pick a time of the year when kids are in school. Not only will you have a quieter vacation, but you will also benefit from lower rates. Avoid the peak season that is the summer holiday, or the period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Instead, you could consider booking a cruise from Thanksgiving to Christmas, when many people are busy with holidays’ preparations and gifts picking rather than taking a trip.


Save money with last minute deals

If your timetable is flexible enough, think last minute! This is when the prices drop dramatically if the seats are not fully booked. The best way to know when to call and inquire about any last minute deal is to find out how long before cruisers can cancel their trip without having to pay any cancellation fees. This usually means a couple of months before the planned departure, which gives you more than enough time to make the purchase and pack your suitcase.


Eat when you want and what you want

A thing many cruisers find annoying is having lunch and dinner at fixed times, and having to socialize with total strangers, when in fact, they would prefer to spend some quality time with their partner, family or group of friends. They might come at an extra cost, but there are always ways to break the routine. You can order breakfast in your cabin, you can book a table at one of the on-board specialty restaurants, and, if your ship is in port until late afternoon or for the night, slip off and enjoy your meal in a local restaurant.


Make the most of your time on board

Heading to the pool is what most cruisers do, and the amount of chairs is limited. You’d better stay away from it all, and find more enjoyable activities to spend your time on board. If you suffer from claustrophobia, springing on a balcony might be a good idea. This way, you can have your private space to enjoy the view. Another thing you should consider is exploring the ship’s amenities. Talk to fellow-cruisers and get to know what gems they have discovered so far. You should know that many cruise ships have great spa facilities and they offer their passengers the option of purchasing a spa pass that will provide you with a wide range of wellness and relaxation activities for the entire period.


Take advantage of shore excursions

All cruise lines offer a wide range of shore excursions that should have you covered while in a port. Choose theme tours that suit your interests and enjoy exploring your destinations, one by one. It would be a pity to miss this opportunity and spend all your time on board by the pool, or stuffing yourself in the dining room.