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Smart Packing Trips for Globe Trotters

When connecting multiple destinations on a single trip, or trying to cover all possible needs, packing can become a real nightmare. However, when done intelligently, not only will you be able to squeeze in everything you need, but you will also travel lightly.


Make a list of potential outfits

If you have a tendency to pack too many clothes, stop and think for a second. What kind of clothes will you need at your destination? Try to find clothing items that would go with various outfits. Pick a color as the basis for your trip’s wardrobe, and it will be much easier for you to mix and match the different pieces with different effects.


Layer up

If you are unsure about the weather, think about layering. This way you avoid packing big sweaters, but you are still covered in case of low temperatures. A waterproof windbreaker is always better than an umbrella as it is less heavy and gives you more freedom to move.


Bag pack your toiletry

Try to prevent any possibility of leakage when packing anything liquid such as your toiletry. Many travelers learn this lesson the hard way, when realizing their sunscreen lotion stained their favorite shirt. Avoid this common mistake using Ziploc.


Use packing cubes to make your life easy

Packing cubes represent a great compartmenting solution. Use your own system to split the various items you are packing, and put them into separate cubes. You can use one cube for toiletries, one for shoes, another one for shirts, or your can arrange your things in the order you are going to need them. It’s up to you how to arrange it, but you will surely save a lot of space this way.


Go small

When traveling, it is best you go for small recipients. No need to bring along the whole bottle of your favorite face purifier. Just pour the amount you need in a smaller flacon. It will take less space in your suitcase, and it will weigh less.


Leave pricey items behind

Expensive watches and jewelry pieces are better in your safe at home than in your suitcase. As dear as they might be to you, leave them behind if you don’t want to risk losing them. A moment of forgetfulness, a mere oversight, and you will realize that you lost your diamond earrings.



Unless you go hiking, you never know when you need to look sharp, and a simple accessory can do the trick. A fancy scarf or a nice bling bracelet is enough to turn a woman’s outfit from a casual into an elegant one. Moreover, a scarf can save you from various awkward situations. Say you want to visit a monastery or any other religious site, but you have only strapped tops. Just cover your shoulders with the scarf and you are good to go.


Stuff it

Stuff your things one into the other so that you don’t waste any millimeter. Socks can go inside shoes, for instance. Shoes can fill the space among your clothes. The same goes for toiletries.


Don’t forget a multi-plug adaptor

Another common mistake many globe trotters make, even after having traveled to tens of destinations, is forgetting to pack a multi-plug adaptor. It will save you precious time, not to mention the inconvenient of running to the stores to find one.


What about your pills?

If you take medicine on a regular basis, don’t forget to pack it! Going on holiday means a break from your routine, but this does not include your pills. Also, pack your favorite headache pills. Better safe than sorry!


Put any valuables you take with you in your hand luggage

Your camera, laptop or tablet should go to your hand luggage, not to the suitcase you check in at the airport. It’s not only safer, but you will also have them handy in case you need them. Speaking of hand luggage, don’t forget other items you might find useful during the flight such as earbuds, hand wipes, and a book.